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Man Eating Ray

She took off her boots and stockings. Holding her dress high she waded in. The water was crystal clear. Silver finned fish snaked through bunches of red sea weed and a family of shepherd lobsters marched across the shingle. She watched in fascination as the largest one used its claws to round up a passing gaggle of sea snails.

“Look at this Arnold,” she laughed pointing to the lobsters.

“Most amusing,” he said, looking down the beach.

“What’s that?” he asked pointing to the shore.

“I can’t see anything, “replied Skyle continuing to watch the lobsters at work.

“Look, the beach is moving,” cried Arnold jabbing his finger towards the shore line.

“Well I can’t see……..”

Then suddenly she could see. Almost the entire expanse of the beach trembled momentarily.

“I think we should leave,” she whispered.

Without further warning, the beach shook itself spraying grey sand into the air and hurtled towards the water.

Skyle’s scream pierced the air.

“Run,” she cried tearing across the gravelled floor of the cavern, ripping the soles of her feet as she scrambled up the track.

Arnold joined her at the top of the path and they looked towards the pool. Half in and half out of the water lurked a flat, black, pulsating piscine creature the size of Skyle’s village. Two narrow eyes stared from a spiny head, its long pointed fangs visible even from a distance.

“It’s a man eating ray,” breathed Skyle.Man Eating Ray

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