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Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries & Constance Maxwell Dreamwalker Mysteries

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The Fressingfield Witch – Book 1

Scores of innocent women died during the Suffolk witch trials. Fear and uncertainty swept the land. Years later and two unexplained deaths in the village of Fressingfield stir up rumours of witchcraft again. Private Detective Lawrence Harpham agrees to investigate. But Lawrence is still tormented by the loss of his family in a house fire. Can he overcome his own demons and discover who is behind the flurry of deaths? The sins of the fathers return to haunt in this intricately plotted Victorian murder mystery.

The Maleficent Maid – Book 6

Maids don’t poison out of spite, no matter how disagreeable… Join Lawrence and Violet in another perplexing case

Suffolk 1903. William Gardiner is on trial for his life for the cold-hearted stabbing of Rose Harsent. In a last-ditch attempt to find the murderer, concerned parties call on Lawrence Harpham for help, but someone is stalking the good people of Peasenhall and confounding his investigation.

Meanwhile, Violet takes on a poisoning puzzle from the past. Was the bad-tempered housemaid a killer or just a convenient suspect?

With two historical crimes and the distraction of a mysterious stranger at Netherwood, will they solve the case before time runs out?

The Maleficent Maid is a compelling mystery perfect for fans of Elly Griffiths, Irina Shapiro and Emily OrganThe Lawrence Harpham Mysteries

  • Book 1 The Fressingfield Witch
  • Book 2 The Ripper Deception
  • Book 3 The Scole Confession
  • Book 4 The Felsham Affair
  • Book 5 The Moving Stone
  • Book 6 The Maleficent Maid

Short Story – The Montpellier Mystery (Book 2.5)


The Cornish Widow

Connie Maxwell has a secret. Though broken in body, her spirit runs free. Dreamwalking might be useful if only she could control it. But it’s one thing roaming the Cornish Coast and quite another witnessing a murder – especially when she can’t influence the outcome.

Annie Hearn has absconded after the suspicious death of her neighbour, and the authorities are about to pounce. But in a county of people hell-bent on bringing her to justice, Connie alone believes in her innocence.

With time running out, a chance encounter brings evil to Connie’s door. Nobody is who they seem, and Connie’s background is an ever-changing mystery.

Who is Connie? And is saving Annie the reason for her burdensome gift?

A gripping Golden Age historical series perfect for those who like a touch of psychic suspense with their mysteries..

Lawrence and Violet investigate the unconventional. From cases of witchcraft to strange goings-on at the local burial club, no crime is too unusual. Chilling Victorian mysteries based on true crimes. Here’s what readers are saying:-

An excellent mystery, well written and based on news reports of the time. *****

A first rate novel with the odd twist to make you look over your shoulder. *****

I really enjoyed this book. The story was cleverly written. *****

A perfect book for those autumn evenings. Insightful and interesting. *****

Brilliant book Really enjoyed it *****

A well researched, interesting and unusual story that I didn’t want to put down. *****

Love the interconnection of fiction and non fiction, gripping read and great story, highly recommended, will be reading the rest of the collection. *****


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