Jacqueline Beard Writer

Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries

It’s no secret that historical newspaper reports inspire my books. After all, there’s nothing quite as strange as the truth. In fact, the first book in the Lawrence Harpham series came from an article only a few paragraphs long. In short, I collect interesting stories from which books evolve.  I haven’t done anything with the …

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And it’s here. The Fressingfield Witch launched on audiobook today read by Andrew Cullum and is available at the following retailers:   – Audible/Amazon – Audiobooks.com – Storytel – Apple – Google – Kobo Rakuten Next up – The Ripper Deception on 19th November  

The fourth book in the Lawrence Harpham mystery series is finished and with my fabulous editor. Once again, it’s set in East Anglia – but where? To solve this riddle, you’ll need to be familiar with The Lawrence Harpham series (unless you recognise the photographs taken this weekend).   My first is in Fressingfield, but …

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