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Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries & Constance Maxwell Dreamwalker Mysteries

The fourth book in the Lawrence Harpham mystery series is finished and with my fabulous editor. Once again, it’s set in East Anglia – but where?

To solve this riddle, you’ll need to be familiar with The Lawrence Harpham series (unless you recognise the photographs taken this weekend).


My first is in Fressingfield, but never in witch

My second’s in mere, but it isn’t in ditch

My third can be found in my leading man’s name

My fourth’s in his partner’s, but isn’t the same

My fifth is in fish, but it isn’t in kipper

My sixth is in Jack, but is absent from Ripper

My seventh’s a mystery, short, sweet and merry

My whole is a village to the south-east of Bury.


Where am I?

Suffolk village mystery

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