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Vote for Murder – new & updated

It’s 1911, and the women of Ipswich are making a peaceful stand against the unfairness of the voting system. Suffragist Louisa Russell joins the census evasion protest at the Old Museum in Ipswich. In a quiet moment, she explores the back rooms of the museum and finds a diary belonging to a prisoner – and not just any prisoner, but the infamous Mary Cage executed for murdering her husband six decades earlier.

When Louisa’s next-door neighbour dies under suspicious circumstances, the parallels between his death and the poisoning of James Cage become impossible to ignore.

But can there be a link between two deaths sixty years apart? And will Louisa find the poisoner before an innocent woman is convicted?

Vote for Murder is a historical fiction novel based on a true Suffolk crime.




2 thoughts on “A New Cover for an Old Book

  1. summertime75 says:

    I have only just got round to reading this book after finishing all but The Felsham Affair, I enjoyed the story and the information about the author’s links to some of the characters. As a “newcomer” to Ipswich, we moved here in 1982 I wasn’t aware that Ipswich ever had a jail which was interesting to read. My one complaint about the book was the dialogue, there wasn’t any difference between the way the characters spoke which suggested that they were all well educated. I admit to feeling rather dim toward the end when I realised I had missed the main clue

    1. jacquib333 says:

      Hi. Thank you for your comment & for reading my books. It’s a fair point about the dialogue – I have steered clear of dialect, but I take your point about the impression it gives and your feedback is really useful. 🙂

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