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A Lawrence Harpham MysteryThe Felsham Affair is available for pre-order in the Amazon kindle store with a release date of 20th September.  The paperback version will be ready soon after, but invariably takes a little while longer. I will post the link when the paperback is available for purchase.

This Felsham Affair is set in Suffolk and East London. As usual, it is based on real historical crimes.

When a much-loved child disappears with his minder, Lawrence Harpham follows the trail to Battersea. Meanwhile, Violet investigates a thirty-year-old Suffolk poisoning.

With suspects thin on the ground, Violet must use every means at her disposal to solve the mystery.  Can Lawrence’s close encounter with a callous serial killer provide clues to her investigation? And will their increasingly fractured relationship stand in the way of progress?

As the two mysteries converge, Lawrence finds himself at the mercy of a predator. Can he survive and will he ever see Violet again?

Click here to pre-order The Felsham Affair from the Amazon Kindle store.


4 thoughts on “The Felsham Affair – Kindle ebook available on Pre-Order

  1. summertime75 says:

    I have just finished this book, loved it despite the gruesome storyline, I had hoped that the story would have been linked to actual events other than the mention of Amelia Dyer. Without adding any spoilers what are Lawrence and Violet playing at, I’m bereft especially as I don’t like the Loveday character, hopefully there will be more in this series.

    1. summertime75 says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure how the date ended up in the middle of the comment

    2. jacquib333 says:

      Thank you very much and sorry about Loveday. I don’t like her either! The Felsham Affair is based on two real crimes but they are not well known. Julia Brown really did go to trial for the poisoning of her son, but she was acquitted. And there really were a series of poisonings in Silvertown from doctored rat cake! Strange, but absolutely true. I will post some newspaper reports on this site in the coming weeks.

      1. summertime75 says:

        I thought that the crimes would have a basis in fact which makes the story even better. I’m looking forward to the next book, already on pre-order.

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