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I painted the kitchen this weekend – well seven eighths of it to be exact.  My task was rudely interrupted by the failure of my footstool to stay intact.  After twenty year’s loyal service, it split in two while I was cutting in around the carefully masked cooker hood.  I shattered my wrist while the ceiling received a liberal stroke of ‘white with a hint of bamboo’ as I fell.  On reflection, I came off worst.

Determined to make the best of it, I compiled a list of pro’s and con’s.  For every downside, there must be a balancing upside.

I can’t type.  What’s the point of a one handed touch typist? Woman up.  You can type one handed.  Lucky you not to have broken your right hand.
Much worse, I can’t go to the gym Walk the dog then.  And while you’re about it, consider the deficiencies in your latest plot line.
I’ll get fat! Good point.  No chocolate or biscuits for you until the cast’s off.  Make that dog walk a mile longer.
But my wrist’s smashed up.  I might need an operation. Then you can use that experience in your writing.  No event is ever wasted!
Fine – but I’ll have to go into hospital (inconvenient) and the cast will be on even longer (not known for my patience). Refer back to the previous answer.
Whatever.  But I can’t drive for six to eight weeks?  That’s a threat to my monthly book club and the new ALLI writer’s meet I hoped to join. Big deal.  Suddenly too good to ride the bus, are we?
It hurts. I’ll give you that one.  No pain without gain, they say.
On the plus side, I’ll have more time for reading, writing and research if I’ve got nothing better to do. Now you’re talking.  You’ve got a ‘Writing’ magazine upstairs with the plastic wrapper on.  Time must be at a premium.

And so the internal dialogue rumbles on.  Yes, it’s a nuisance, but sometimes when you are trying to squeeze too much in, life takes control and bites back. I’ll have less time for the physical things.  DIY must take a backseat and I don’t suppose I’ll swing a kettlebell for a while – but it’s given me an unexpected six weeks to catch up with a spot of reading and time to research my new murder mystery. A wrist with a twist, you might say.


5 thoughts on “A writer’s life – The pros and cons of a broken wrist

  1. Given that I’ve just done the same (minus the decorating) I will seize the liberation offered by a quiet few weeks! Other than the bus that is …

  2. Andy Smart says:

    Sorry to hear about your wrist but you definitely seem to be making the most of it. One handed cooking is always fun, especially chopping those damned onions. Time flies Jacqui > you’ll soon be like a writing racehorse when that plaster’s off.

  3. Jacqui – Breaking your wrist really is a pain, but I broke a bone in my ankle and ended up with a boot on my foot and then I couldn’t see because of cataract and retina problems, so the point of al of this is that I wrote 10 children’s stories and put them together into one book (kind of like this run-on sentence, but more cohesive) because I was stuck inside for a few months. I am empathizing with you right now. Definitely take the high road and write your heart out. You’ll never have a better excuse and there’ll be something tangible in the end to dull the memory of all the pain. But (and this is the big BUTT) you will get fat. Clare

    1. jacquib333 says:

      Thanks Clare – yes already not enough exercise & far too much chocolate ! 🙂

      1. 🍫🍩🍪🍰Make it work for you!

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