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And hot on the heels of the last audiobook, The Ripper Deception is available for pre-order with a release date of 19th November 2020.

The lonely end of a miser leaves clues to the mysterious death of Edmund Gurney in Brighton years before. Private Detective Lawrence Harpham sets off to investigate leaving his partner Violet to unravel a series of strange disturbances at a Suffolk rectory. Both inquiries lead unexpectedly to Whitechapel and the murder of Frances Coles. Was Frances a Ripper victim and is her murder linked to the autumn of terror? Jack is back–or is he?

***** – I loved this book – her best yet

***** – Thrilling mystery fabulously written

***** – A solid 5


2 thoughts on “The Ripper Deception – Audiobook

  1. How Brown says:

    I’ve made a not of the November release on your personal thread on JTR Forums.Com, Jacqueline…..and in our Ripper fiction section



    Good luck !!!

    1. jacquib333 says:

      Hi How – That’s very much appreciated. Thank you .

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