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Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries & Constance Maxwell Dreamwalker Mysteries

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When a series of vanishings turn into murders, Lawrence Harpham is summoned to West Ham. Estranged from Violet and temporarily partnered with an oddball reporter, Lawrence pursues a ruthless serial killer.

Meanwhile, Violet’s contentment with her new life in Norfolk ends abruptly. What is causing the sinister movement of a gravestone, and who is following her?

Recently revealed secrets shatter everything Lawrence thought he knew about his past. Will Violet and Lawrence meet again? And will he ever recover from the horrifying revelations?

“That’s not what I mean,” gasped the hooded man, before lapsing into a coughing fit.
“Start at the beginning,” said Higgins. “I want every last detail, and if I get it, then you get to keep the rest of your fingers.”

The Moving Stone is a historical murder mystery based on real events. Click here to pre-order your kindle e-book.

4 thoughts on “The Moving Stone

  1. summertime76 says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading the next book, I hope that Harpham will get his act together and marry Violet.

  2. summertime75 says:

    Now I have finished reading The Moving Stone the question is when will there be a number six? it was a disturbing and distressing book to read at times, abused and murdered children is always difficult to read and the kidnapping of the girls was perhaps worse in some respects. without adding anything that will spoil the story for anyone else the ending was bittersweet and I confess to a cheer on the last page.

    1. jacquib333 says:

      Thank you for your insightful comments. I agree – a very difficult subject & I thought long and hard before writing the story. There will be a book six later in the year, but I’m hoping to release the first in a new series first. It’s a little different from the Lawrence Harpham books – still based on true crimes but involving esoteric/occult orders of the 1930s

      1. summertime75 says:

        I shall keep an eye out for that then.

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