Jacqueline Beard Writer

Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries & Constance Maxwell Dreamwalker Mysteries

Accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Connie flees Cornwall in despair. But with Oliver Fox’s help, she begins an independent life complete with a fledgling romance. Connie’s new world is looking promising until she finds herself embroiled in yet another murder. Worse still, Felix Crossley has arrived in London, and is already in hot pursuit.

With the odds stacked against her, can Connie stay one step ahead of Mrs Ponsonby? Why is Crossley determined to find her, and what are his intentions?

The Croydon Enigma is the second book in this gripping 1920s mystery series with a supernatural twist.

Available on paperback or Kindle ebook. https://geni.us/TCEnigma


4 thoughts on “The Croydon Enigma – Ready to Order Now

  1. summertime75 says:

    After the first book I was hooked, who couldn’t love Connie, and after the second I was bereft with the cliffhanger – an unhappy reader, waiting until next year is pure torture

    1. jacquib333 says:

      Oh no! I’ll get cracking on book 3 for release as early as possible in the new year and do my best to make the wait worthwhile. Can’t leave my loyal readers bereft! 🙂

      1. summertime75 says:

        They were a great two book, I couldn’t put them down, after Lawrence and Violet I wasn’t sure that I would like a new character, a bit of “stick in the mud” with characters but Connie was a delight

      2. jacquib333 says:

        Thank you 🙂 🙂

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