Jacqueline Beard Writer

Lawrence Harpham Murder Mysteries & Constance Maxwell Dreamwalker Mysteries

Who can you trust in a house full of secrets?

Sass Denman is tired. Tired of being unemployed, tired of being alone and tired of the sickly smell coming from her floorboards.

But a chance conversation leads her to Sean Tallis, a lizard-loving private eye with a maverick approach to the law. Their routine case soon uncovers a missing girl with connections to an unsolved murder from the past. Has the Skin Thief returned after lying dormant for a decade?

As the evidence mounts, the trail leads to Saskia’s flat in Bosworth House. Petty problems confound her neighbours, each one more sinister than the last. Why is the cellar door padlocked shut, and will the arguments in Flat Four never stop?

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Also available as a paperback on my Payhip site https://payhip.com/b/I0PLx

One thought on “The Girl in Flat Three – a Psychological Crime Thriller set in the Cotswolds

  1. Chris says:

    That was really good, I never guessed the ending, what a nasty person

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