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I based this book on twenty-nine-year-old Doctor Sophia Hickman, who vanished in August 1903. Outlandish theories raged in the press about the reasons for her disappearance which I won’t mention here for fear of spoilers! Apart from my fictional solution, I have mostly kept to the facts of the case as described in the newspapers of the time.

Featured also is fraudulent medium Jane Savage, loosely based on Mrs Strutt, the wife of Major Charles Henry Strutt, who attempted to defraud Henry S H Cavendish, a renowned African explorer. Posing as a medium, Mrs Strutt introduced Cavendish to seances, in which she conveyed spiritual messages from his late mother. The Struts seized his fortune, only relinquishing control after a judgement against them in a hearing known as The Planchette Case.

Though primarily set in London and Richmond Park, I couldn’t resist another foray into my beloved home county of Suffolk. This time, the action takes place in the tiny village of Akenham, involving the ancient legend of the Akenham Devil. Walk thirteen times widdershins around the ancient split stone in St Mary’s Church, and the devil will rise, or so they say. Lawrence, naturally, becomes embroiled. But I will say no more for now!

The Disappearing Doctor is available in all good ebook stores by following this link https://books2read.com/u/mYxRdd If you prefer to read physical books, head over to my bookstore.

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